Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Soal 1 CCNA

  1. What at is a characteristic of a scalable network . . . . 
  2. Easy expansion 

  3. 2 & 3 Refer to the exhibit. What two addresses are the broadcast addresses for network A and network B? (Choose two.--) 
  4. Network A broadcast address / Network B broadcast address 

  5. In a structured cable system, which term describes the cable that connects the wall jack in the user work area to the patch panel in the wiring closet ?
  6. Horizontal cable

  7. When a field technician visits a customer site and resolves the issue that was opened in a trouble ticket, what should the technician do?
  8. Document the solution and obtain acceptance of the customer 

  9. What routing protocol would be appropriate to use for exchanging routes between ISPs?
  10. BGP

  11. Which statement describes a feature of TCP?
  12. It provides low overhead data delivery.

  13. Which two subnet masks can be used when subnetting a Class A IP address? (Choose two.)

  15. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of link is supported by WIC 2T interface module?
  16. WAN

  17. Which protocol allows secure in-band management so that a network administrator can monitor and configure network devices without fear of any passwords being compromised?
  18. SSH

  19. The IT department of a company implements a backup plan which includes a daily backup on Monday through Saturday. Only files that were modified during each day are backed up. Which backup method is being used?
  20. Incremental backup

  21. What can be gained by using a caching-only DNS server?
  22. The DNS server will be authoritative for only one zone.

  23. A tracert command is run on a host to determine if another host can be reached across a network. Which two events will occur if connectivity with the other host is unsuccessful? (Choose two.)
    • The command will calculate the time between successful and unsuccessful packets.
    • The command helps to determine where a packet was lost on the path from the source to the destination.

  24. Which statement correctly describes an SLA?
  25. It outlines the management, monitoring, and maintenance of a network.

  26. Refer to the exhibit. What is the possible reason that a technician is unable to telnet into the HQ router and make configuration changes?
    1.  A password is required for vty 0.
       A password for line con 0 is required.
       All five virtual interfaces must be configured before Telnet is possible.
       The service password-encryption command is preventing Telnet access.

  27. Refer to the exhibit. Host 2 has in-band and out-of-band connections to the switch. Select the appropriate cable type for each segment in the graphic.
    1. A - straight-through
      B - console
      C - crossover
      D - crossover
      E - serial
    Easy expansion 

      A - straight-through
      B - console
      C - crossover
      D - straight-through
      E - serial

  28. Refer to the exhibit. What two facts can be determined from the output of the show ip protocols command? (Choose two.)
  29. The routing protocol in use on RTA is RIPv1.Easy expansion
    RTA is directly connected to four neighbor routers.
    The administrative distance of the routing protocol is 120.
    RTA will receive the next update from its neighbor in 30 seconds.
    The routing protocol is only sending updates out the serial interface

  30. Which statement is correct about passive data connections in the FTP protocol?
  31. 7.4.3 The server forwards its IP address and a random port number to the FTP client through the control stream 

  32. Which statement best describes the operation of a Layer 2 switch?
  33. Directs traffic from one port to another based on the destination MAC address

  34. To manage a Cisco switch using Telnet, where would the management IP address be configured on the switch?
  35. VLAN 1 interface

  36. Refer to the exhibit. A ping command is issued on workstation A to determine if workstation B can be reached. What two events will occur if this command is successful? (Choose two.)
  37. Workstation A will send an ICMP echo request message to workstation B
    Workstation B will send an ICMP echo reply message to workstation A.

  38. A network administrator wants to configure six subnets for a Class C network. Which subnet mask will support the maximum number of hosts on each subnet?

  40. What at is a characteristic of a scalable network . . . . 
  41. Easy expansion 

  42. In an IPv4 environment, what information is used by the router to forward data packets from one interface of a router to another?
  43. Destination network address

  44. What at is a characteristic of a scalable network . . . . 
  45. Easy expansion 

  46. What is the primary function of a Level 1 support technician in an ISP help desk department with multiple levels of customer support?
  47. to diagnose and document the symptoms of hardware, software, and system problems 

  48. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is troubleshooting the serial connection between R1 and R2. There is no communication between R1 and R2. Based on the output of the show ip interface brief command, what is the cause of the problem?
  49. There is a misconfiguration of IP addresses.

  50. What happens when a segment is encapsulated into a packet
  51. Data is converted to bits for transmission

  52. Which application can be delivered using UDP
  53. HTTP2

  54. Refer to the exhibit. Host H1 is sending a datagram to host H2 across the Internet. NAT will be configured on RTRC. Which address is considered the inside local address?

  56. Which two commands ensure that any password that permits access to the privileged EXEC mode is not shown in plain text when the configuration files are displayed? (Choose two.)
  57. Router(config)# enable secret cisco
    Router(config)# service password-encryption

  58. A network administrator is planning new cable installations for an automated manufacturing facility. The cabling solution must be scalable and function reliably in an environment subject to electromagnetic interference. Which two cable solutions should the administrator consider? (Choose two.)
  59. STP & fiber optic

  60. What needs to be configured on a router to ensure that when the router receives a packet with an unknown destination, the router will forward it to the next hop?
  61. a static route to the destination network

  62. For the assignment of permissions to files and folders, what does the "principle of least privilege" imply?
  63. Users only have access to resources that are necessary for their jobs.

  64. Under a differential backup scheme, which files are saved during the backup process?
  65. only those files which were created or changed after the last incremental backup

  66. Refer to the exhibit. The Transfer > Capture Text feature available through HyperTerminal has been used to capture the running configuration on a router. The startup-configuration has been erased from the router followed by the issuing of the reload command. The startup-config is restored by using the captured file, but all interfaces on the router are shown as administratively down. What could cause this problem?
  67. The no shutdown command must be entered under each interface section in the file being sent.

  68. Which statement correctly describes the function of AAA?
  69. It prevents unauthorized access to a network.

  70. How does a switch interface that uses sticky port security handle MAC addresses?
  71. They are configured dynamically and are saved in the running configuration.

  72. Refer to the exhibit. While configuring the serial interface of a router, the network administrator sees the highlighted error message. What is the reason for this?
  73. The network administrator has attempted to configure the serial interface with a broadcast address.

  74. What is the effect of issuing the hostname RouterA command on a router?
  75. The router prompt will change from Router(config)# to RouterA(config)#

  76. A hacker attempts to reach confidential information that is stored on a server inside the corporate network. A network security solution inspects the entire packet, determines that it is a threat, and blocks the packet from entering the inside network. Which security measure protected the network?
  77. an IPS

  78. A user reports being unable to access the Internet. The help desk technician employs a bottom-up approach to troubleshooting. The technician first has the user check the patch cable connection from the PC to the wall, and then has the user verify that the NIC has a green link light. What will the technician have the user do next?
  79. Verify the IP address, subnet, and gateway settings using ipconfig on the PC.

  80. A network technician is using a network management station to gather data about the performance of devices and links within the ISP. Which application layer protocol makes this possible?
  81. SNMP

  82. What should be the first step in a structured cable project?
  83. Obtain an accurate floor plan

  84. Refer to the exhibit. Hosts that belong to the IT department use as a default gateway. Where can this IP address be located in the network?
  85. A B C D E F

  86. A user is attempting to do an without success. Which two configuration values must be set on the host to allow this access? (Choose two.)
  87. DNS server / default gateway

  88. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator has added a route by using the ip route command on R1. Hosts on the network cannot communicate with hosts on the network. What is the reason for this?
  89. The static route has not been configured correctly.

  90. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is unable to ping H1 from the router and is checking the cabling along the network. Which segment is incorrectly cabled?
  91. Segment B

  92. Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements describe the data conversation shown? (Choose two.)
  93. The data conversation was started by the HTTP application process running on the client.
    The Internet server will send data to port 8547 on the client.

  94. A large company wants to ensure its connection to a remote branch office. The connection must be able to support equally high upstream and downstream traffic. The service provider must also provide an SLA with a guarantee of specific uptime and security. What type of connection best suits the needs of the company?
  95. DSL connection

  96. Wireless radio waves are associated with which layer of the OSI model?
  97. Layer 3

  98. What at is a characteristic of a scalable network . . . . 
  99. Easy expansion 

  100. When a router learns two paths to the same destination network, which two factors determine the path that will be included in the routing table? (Choose two.)
  101. route metric & administrative distance